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Taiyuan Xianyuan Villas

Xianyuan Villas, located at the piedmont of Taohua Mountain, is the only 2-star international hotel in Taohuayuan Scenic Area, providing services of catering, accommodation, shopping, business affairs, fishing and other recreation activities.

Xianyuan Villas is on the side of the 319 national highway, 45 km away from Changde City and 15 km from Taoyuan County.

Add: Taohuayuan Scenic Area, Taoyuan County

Tel: 0736-6822322

Fax: 010-68405660



Taoyuan Jinyuan Hotel

Add: 48, Zhangjiang Road (M), Taoyuan County

Tel: 0736-6629888


Taoyuan Huayuan Hotel

Taoyuan Huayuan Hotel, built at the 4-star standard, is the first international theme business hotel in northwest Hunan. The hotel provides services of catering, shopping and business affairs as well as the functions of business trip, holiday spending and large international conference reception, etc.

Add: 31, Zhangjiang Road (M), Taoyuan County

Tel: 0736-6617888  6617666

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