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Cuiyuan Pestle Tea

Luhuzi Chili Sauce, also known as Qi Jie Mei (Seven Sisters), local specialty of Wa Ergang, was once honored as the article of tribute in the Qing Dynasty in ancient China.

Yige Moslemic Beef

Zoushi Osmanthus Candy

Zoushi osmanthus candy was once honored as excellent product of tribute at the end of the Qing Dynasty. The osmanthus candy of Taohuayuan Brand produced in Zoushi Town has harvested lots of national awards in the past decades.

Golden Pear

The Golden Pear is a new variety introduced from South Korea. It is a kind of sand pear.

Chinese Liquor of Taoyuan

Taogongla Chinese Liquor

It is said that Tao Yuanming once visited Wuling, his ancestor’s former residence, and was feasted with good wine, which inspired him to write the famous essay “Tao Hua Yuan Ji (The Peach Colony)”.

Bamboo wine

Legend has it that the Spring girl was locked in the mountain hole by the Ice Dragon who was drunk himself drunk as he smelled the fragrant of the bamboo wine brought by Chu, Spring girl’s lover. Thus, the Spring girl was rescued and the bamboo wine has become famous since then.

Taoyuanyuan Chinese Liquor

The Chinese liquor of Taohuayuan brand series is made of Chinese sorghum, wheat and rice mixed with the water of Taohua rivulet. The Taohuayuan Chinese liquor with 55% alcohol content is particularly well-known and widely popular with a golden prize harvested in the 1993 International Wine Expo.

Taohua Spring

The Taohua Spring is an ancient spring situated in remote mountains of Taohuayuan scenic area. The Taohua Spring Chinese liquor with 50% alcohol content won the silver prize in the 1993 International Wine Expo.

Taoyuan Rice (Zhongxiang 1)

Selenium-enriched Products

Selenium-enriched Edible Oil

Worm-feed Chicken

Selenium-enriched Rice

Selenium-enriched Mandarin Orange

Selenium-enriched Noodle

Selenium-enriched Egg

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