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Immortal Hiding in Peach Mountains

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The scenic spot of “Immortal Hiding in Peach Mountains” actually refers to Taohuayuan, ranking the first of the Eight Views of Taoyuan.

A 15 miles drive southward from the city proper of Taoyuan County or sailing against the Yuanshui River leads to Taohuayuan, after landing at “Wenjinchu (inquire ferry)” and “walking along the brook”.

With clear Yuanshui River at the front and magnificent mountains at the back, Taohuayuan have Lanchuanzhou (worn-out boat islet) with “beautifully grassy ground”, Peach Blossom Brook filling with clear and bright water, peach grove avenue “so singularly free from the usual mingling of brushwood”, mulberry garden with a dense growth of bamboos and mulberries, and legendary “Qinren Gudong (Ancient Cave of Qin People)”, etc.

In ancient time, tourists visited the Taohuayuan in such a route: taking a boat in the city proper of Taoyuan County, sailing against the Yuanshui River and then landing at “Wenjinchu (inquire ferry)”. The Shuifu Pavilion, Houmen Cave and Worn-out Boat Islet comes the first; and then, walking along the Peach Blossom Brook, tourists could visit hollow China fir, Taochuan Palace, Liandan Stage, Lunding Pool Site, and Jiazhi Stele. Entering the Taohuayuan Archway, going across the Qionglin Bridge, Erdaomen, chrysanthemum garden would be reached. Standing beside the Square Bamboo Pavilion situated at the right of the chrysanthemum garden, the Immortal Encounter Bridge is within eyeshot. Climbing the stone stairs to reach the Qinren Gudong would pass the tourist attractions of Shuiyuan Pavilion and Peach Blossom Pond. In the Qinren Gudong, there are Huoran Pavilion, Qianqiu Farm, Yanzhi House, Gaoju Pavilion, Guifeng Peak, Moding Pine among other scenic spots and buildings. Yuanming Temple, Peach Blossom Taoist Temple, Niefeng Pavilion and Wanyue Pavilion distribute at the downward slope beside the Moding Pine. Going through the gateway of the Peach Blossom Taoist Temple and passing Jixian Temple, Xunqi Pavilion and Jichu Pavilion, the bridge shows the exit of the trip.

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