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White Horse in Snowwhite Billows

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The tourist attraction of “White Horse in Snowwhite Billows” situates in the Yuanshui River, not far away from the back cave of Taohuayuan. It was said the name of this tourist attraction was related to Liang Song, the Wuling prefect in the later Tang Dynasty.

As a dutiful son, Liang misses his mother in his hometown very much after holding the appointment and making considerable contributions for the county for years.

He decides to quit as he hears from his family informing that his mother is ill. However, the villagers are rather sorry for his leaving and come to see him off. When he leaves the Wuling county and comes to the bridge on the Yuanshui River oppositing to Taohuayaun, he leaves his white horse as a souvenir for his loved villagers. The white horse is too tired to go back to cross the river, thus sinks in water finally.

To commemorate Liang Song and his white horse, the villagers engrave the characters of “拨马削涛” on the stone which is still clear today. And the bridge where Liang Song leaves his horse is named Sixiang Bridge (Hometown Longing Bridge).

As the travelers sailing here, a magnificent and beautiful scenery can be appreciated that a white horse scuds on the surface of the river with waving mane shaking with snowwhite billows.

”White Horse in Snowwhite Billows” is one of the Eight Views of Taoyuan.

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