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Spring Dawn at Mount Chu

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Mount Chu is well-known not for its greatness but its earlier spring than surrounding. It is learned from the local people that the Spring fairy is coming to see Brother Chu.

Legend has it that one year the Ice Dragon Prince encaged the Spring Fairy and forced her to marry him. Because of the absence of Spring Fairy, spring did not come till all local people and plants were stranded in winter chill for long.

In order to rescue the Spring Fairy and welcome warm spring, a brave young man named Brother Chu brought some bamboo wine to find the Ice Dragon Prince who was drunk himself drunk as he smelled the fragrant of the wine. Then, Chu rescued Spring Fairy and carried her on his back to run to the village. As the Spring Fairy passed, warm breeze came along and ice and snow melted at once. However, Chu was too tired and passed away finally. He was buried beside the village and the tomb looks like a hill, hence the Mount Chu. The Spring Fairy was rather grieved and since then she goes to the Mount Chu to see Brother Chu firstly when spring comes.

As you come here at the end of winter, landing at the Lvluo Mountain and walking eastward for 2 miles, you will find that Mount Chu is the only exception with overflowing green of spring among the bleak and chilly mountains.

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