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Taoyuan County, situated in the northwest of Hunan Province, is the location of the legendary Taohuayuan (“The Land of Peach Blossoms”) in the famous essay by Tao Yuanming, a great litterateur in the Eastern Jin Dynasty of ancient China.

The county covers a total area of 4458square km and has under its jurisdiction 15 urban townships and 25 rural townships, with a total population of 0.98 million. Taoyuan enjoys a sub-tropical monsoon climate and has four distinct seasons with the average annual temperature veing 16.5 and average annual rainfall being 1437 mm.

Taoyuan boasts an advantageous geographic location with convenient transport facilities. Taoyuan has had the name “Dianqian Passage” from time immemorial. It is currently the only county-level city in this province that possesses railway, expressways, airport and ports simultaneously. The Shi-Chang railway line, which is only 20km from the county town, runs right through the county, connecting with Jing-Guang Railway Line on the east and with Zhi-Liu Railway Line on the west. National Highway 319, Provincial Highways 1848, 1801 and the two expressways, Chang-Zhang and Chang-Ji, have combined to create the land transportation network, which is accessible from all directions. The highways within the county are also very convenient enabling every town and village to be accessible smoothly. Taohuayuan Airport, which is only 25km from the county town, can land and take off Boeing 737 and 757 passenger planes and has opened flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Haikou. Cargo vessels with capacity of up to 500 tons pass through the city’s main channel of the Yuan River, entering Dongting Lake, reaching Changsha in the south and Yueyang in the north; joining the Yangtze River, west to Chongqing and east to Shanghai. 

Taoyuan boasts a well-developed telecommunication system with a complete network and telephone exchange capacity to reach 0.26million sets. The county has also opened program controlled telephones, mobile phones and facsimile transmission to all 40 townships, keeping you in close touch with every corner of the world. The county’s broadband network system also reaches these same 40 townships, thus having fully met the requirements for carrying on E-commerce and E-governmental administration.

Taoyuan possesses ample energy supplies with sufficient electric power to meet all demands. Taoyuan enjoys ample rainfall, with numerous streams crisscrossing the area. Its hydro-electric resources are foremost in Hunan Province. There are 63 minor Size reservoirs, 238 minor Size reservoirs, 8 medium Size and one large scale reservoirs, with a total installed capacity of 15575kw and yearly electric power production 24.46 million kwh. The national key projects Lingjintan hydropower station has an installed capacity of 0.27 million kw with a yearly electric power production 12.5 hundred million kwh. Chuangyuan Aluminium Industry’s own thermal power plant has been put into operation. A nuclear power plant is going to be settled in Taoyuan, so Taoyuan will become the electric power base of Hunan Province.

Taoyuan is a land of abundant and varied resources. It has 1.293 million mu of cultivated land and the total outputs of rice, cotton and plant oil are the number one in the province, among which there are 0.3million mu of quality rice and 0.3 million mu of special-purposed rice with a yearly rice output 60 hundred thousand tons, yearly cotton output 7600tons and vegetable oil output 7.3 hundred thousand tons. Such agricultural products as tea, bamboo, fruits, ramie and meat are also very rich. Renowned quality products such as Taoyuan Black Pig, Taoyuan Big Breed Chicken and Taoyuan Big-leaf Tea are well known at home and abroad.

Taoyuan’s industries have begun to take shape. The county has formed backbone enterprises with aluminium, building materials, food, textiles, machinery, bamboo products and livestock husbandry playing the main roles. The listed and group companies such as Chuangyuan Aluminium, Liuli Cement, Jiexin Textiles, Golden Fruits, Xianglu Wanfu, Hongci Animal Husbandry and Yueyu Bamboo Industry have become the leading enterprises within the county. With the foreign enterprises “Hunan Chuanyuan Aluminium Co. Ltd” having settled in Taoyuan, Chuanyuan Aluminium will become an industrial “aircraft carrier” of Taoyuan County.Taoyuan has large reserves of limestone, bone coal, marble, bentonite, barite, diamond and gold etc.

Taoyuan is famous for its scenic splendors and fine environment. Taoyuan has long enjoyed the fame “Land of Peach Blossoms” with four distinct seasons, genial climate, luxuriant vegetation and fine environment. Here there are not only the national level scenic spots the “Paradise On Earth”, Taohuayuan or Peach Blossom Garden, and the national level nature preservation zone Wuyunjie where the traces of Hunan Tiger has been discovered, but also the county has sceneries everywhere, with green hills and blue waters throughout the county, so it is indeed the destination for personages from home and abroad to take pleasure in and come for sightseeing after carrying out investment and developing the enterprises here. Taoyuan County not only possesses a national level nature preservation zone but has also been awarded the honorary title “China Eco Construction Demonstration County”, “Provincial Hygienic County Town”, “Municipal Civilized County Town”.

Taoyuan offers preferential Policies and fine environment. Taoyuan Party Committee and local government brings the main theme of industrial development into bold relief, energetically improving investment environment, having definitely brought forward the mottos “Opening to develop industries, drawing support to promote development” “Investors’ requests are our service points, investors’ commendations are our highest requirements”. The local government has one after another laid down and made public a series of policies and measures to promote investment, having built up Chuangyuan Industrial Park, Zhangjiang Industrial Zone and Reshi Industrial Zone; having set up the center for administrative affairs services, comprehensively carrying out “one stop style” approval, “one window style” services; and having attached great importance to optimizing investment environment.



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