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Taoyuan boasts an advantageous geographic location with convenient transport facilities. Taoyuan has had the name “Dianqian Passage” from time immemorial. It is currently the only county-level city in this province that possesses railway, expressways, airport and ports simultaneously. The Shi-Chang railway line, which is only 20km from the county town, runs right through the county, connecting with Jing-Guang Railway Line on the east and with Zhi-Liu Railway Line on the west. National Highway 319, Provincial Highways 1848, 1801 and the two expressways, Chang-Zhang and Chang-Ji, have combined to create the land transportation network, which is accessible from all directions. The highways within the county are also very convenient enabling every town and village to be accessible smoothly. Taohuayuan Airport, which is only 25km from the county town, can land and take off Boeing 737 and 757 passenger planes and has opened flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Haikou. Cargo vessels with capacity of up to 500 tons pass through the city’s main channel of the Yuan River, entering Dongting Lake, reaching Changsha in the south and Yueyang in the north; joining the Yangtze River, west to Chongqing and east to Shanghai.

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