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Chang-Zhang (Changsha-Zhangjiajie) and Chang-Ji (Changde-Jishou) Expressways, National Highway 319, Provincial Highways S226, S306 run through the county.


Shi-Chang (Shimen-Changsha) passes through the county with a railway station having been built locally, east to join Jin-Guang Line, west to connect with Zhi-Liu Line.

Waterways transportation

There is a 99km long water passage along the Yuan River, upstream to Guizhou, downstream to enter Donting Lake and ports along Yangtze River.

Air transportation

Taohuayuan Airport, which is 15km from the county town, can operate Boeing 737 and 757 and has routes to Beijing, Shanghai and Haikou. Plans are afoot to open flights to Chongqing and Wenzhou.

Electric power

Taoyuan County has ample electric power supplies and is one of the State’s trial counties for electrification. The county has 8 state-grid’s transformer substation of 35kv-110kv, with a capacity of 131,400kva. Taoyuan’s hydropower construction is the biggest in Hunan Province. There are 63 minor Size reservoirs, 238 minor Size reservoirs, 8 medium Size and one large scale reservoirs, with a total installed capacity of 15,575kw and yearly electric power production 1250 million kwh

Banking and finance

Taoyuan has a complete banking and finance system with strong capabilities and enjoying good reputation. People’s Bank of China, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Bank of China and Credit Cooperative of China etc. have all set up branches in the county. The county has over 200 banking and finance network points, offering convenient depositing, loan and foreign currency settlement services.


Taoyuan has all the necessary modern service facilities. There are about a hundred hotels of which ten are high-class foreign-related ones. There are four supermarkets each with 2000 square meters of business operation areas. There are more than fifty high-grade tea housesentertainment town, bars and gyms, which can offer a coordinated program of services for conferences, dining, entertainment, health care and shopping etc.

Hunan resources

Taoyuan has a total population of 977 thousand, 90 % of whom are agricultural population with surplus labor forces to be near 300 thousand. There are about 200 thousand labor forces available in surrounding area, most of them have received middle school education.

Taoyuan has five colleges and secondary schools (including vocational schools), over ten various professional training schools with 8,000 students at school and 3,000 graduates. There are two colleges and 13 technical schools in Changde, which is only 8km from the county town and with 680 thousand students at college and 150 thousand graduates each year. All these human resources will combine to replenish the labor forces market.


The County has attained the goal of all exchanges being program controlled, transmission being digitized, every township having optical cable installed and every village having telephones installed. E-commerce and broadband networks have been developing very rapidly with the broadband network covering 100% oftownships and 60% of villages. China TietonCom entered the Taoyuan marketplace in 2004. Mobile telecommunication has achieved fast development with a breakthrough of one million users. China Unicom has also entered into the Taoyuan market with a rapid advancement.

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