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Industries and resources

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       At present, industries invested in by outside investors mainly comprise metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing, electric power, building materials, textiles, knitting, bamboo and wood processing, food processing and animal husbandry etc.

Taoyuan warmheartedly welcomes investors from home and abroad to come to the county for investment. The investment modes such as exclusively owned businesses, joint ventures or cooperation etc. are available, and the scope for investment covers industry, tourism development, eco-agriculture, infrastructure facilities construction, real estate, commerce and trading and services trades etc. The investment in such fields as high-tech, environmentally protective, cycling economy and export-oriented projects are particularly welcomed.

Taohuayuan Tourism Development

     Taohuayuan is one of the nation’s well-known scenic spots, close to the 319 National Highway. It was legendarily described in a famous essay “Tao Hua Yuan Ji (The Peach Colony)” by Tao Yuanming, an outstanding poet in the Eastern Jin Dynasty in ancient China, and hence the name “Taohuayuan”. Literary men like Li Bai, Meng Hao Ran, Liu Yu Xi, Lu You and Zhu Xi etc. in successive dynasties have all left the place with either historic traces or literary works. From the city and going against the Yuan River, there are numerous picturesque scenic spots. Up till now, except that Taohuayuan has undergone some development, the one hundred mile long scenic belt along the Yuan River is still a virgin land, which possesses great potential and value for tourism development.


Food Industry Development

Taoyuan, situated in the northwest of Hunan, possesses fertile land and plentiful products. Besides rice, vegetable oil, tealeaves, pigs and poultry, there are such agricultural specialty products as oranges, plum, kudzu, Taoyuan Big Pomelos and chestnuts etc. Taoyuan County owns favorable environmental conditions, which are greatly conducive to food industry development. During the period of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, the county party committee and local government will treat food processing as one of the five backbone industries.


Animal Husbandry Breeding, Processing and Development

Taoyuan has made great achievements in animal husbandry breeding industry. Hunan Black Pig and Taoyuan Chicken are well-known throughout the whole country with large-scale breeding of pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and 2000 specialized peasant households of breeding. Li Sixi, one of the most famous enterprisers in pig breeding and husbandry, owns the enterprise with an annual production capacity of 3 hundred thousand of pigs to be slaughtered for sale. The whole county breeds 1.1 million of pigs, fifty thousand of cattle, eight hundred thousand of sheep to be slaughtered for sales every year with an annual output of 30 million poultry (to be slaughtered for sales) and 69 thousand tons of eggs. At present, our county has relative advantages in the deepened processing of meat products; during the period of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, the county party committee and local government will treat animal husbandry’s breeding, processing and development as the backbone industry for developing county-level economy and as the important task of constructing socialist new rural areas.

Taoyuan Chicken

Qixing Pepper

Taoyuan Black Pig

Ramie Products Development

Taoyuan is the national key ramie products base county. The county has 100 thousand mu of ramie growing areas with a yearly output of 20 thousand tons of quality ramie. Appraised by Ramie Industry Appraising Institute of China, ramie produced in Taoyuan has 1800-2200 fibres, coming out on top in the country and becoming the first chosen raw material base for many famous weaving companies, e.g. Hunan Yixintai Holding Co., Ltd. We welcome investors, who aspire to develop ramie products, to come to the county and invest in the project.


Sericulture (Silk) Development

Taoyuan County has had the tradition of growing mulberry and raising silkworms from time immemorial: presently with 1000 mu of mulberry growing and silkworm raising base. With the central government carrying on the projects of “Eastern Sericulture Transferring to the West”, Taoyuan County has been placed in the list of priority base counties by State Ministry of Commerce and Hunan Provincial Government. During the period of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, we have planned to develop ten thousand mu of quality mulberry growing and silkworm raising base, fully intending to attract investors from home and abroad to invest in the project.


Tealeaves Serial Development

Taoyuan County is the main tealeaves production region of Hunan Province and the provincial green tea products development base. Taoyuan’s “Wild Tea King” brand has been given protective measures by the State in the course of carrying on the projects of protecting “geographical hallmark products”. Tea production area belongs to typical hilly region, with genial climate and ample rainfall. There are 53000 mu of tealeaves growing plantations, yearly picked tealeaves 45000 dan and yearly processed quality tea 3000 tons, among which Wild Tea King and Xiang Tea King have won the ministerial gold prizes. In order to make Taoyuan tea better known to the public, we intend to draw outside investors to transform the present tea plantations and to engage in the deepened and fine processing of tealeaves.     

Big-leaf Tea Growing Base

Bamboo and Wooden Products Development


Taoyuan county is one of the provincial key forestry counties, with forest coverage to be 55.78%, forest utilized land 4 million mu, forest reserves 7330 thousand m and bamboo reserves 80.33 million poles; yearly producing wood 100 thousand, bamboo 5 million poles, thus providing ample resources for the development of bamboo and wooden products. So far, there are such famous enterprises as Yueyu Bamboo Industry, Zonglin Wooden Industry and Changde Weiming Furniture Co. Ltd etc. having settled in the county. Now we intend to absorb investors to engage in the deepened processing of bamboo flooring boards, bamboo handicrafts and plywood.


Oil Industry Development

Taoyuan County has 700 thousand mu of tea-oil trees and 700 thousand mu of oil vegetables, yearly producing 2800 tons of tea oil and 70 thousand tons of vegetable oil seeds. Currently the county has such processing enterprises as Minyue Oil Plant, Zoushi Oil Processing Plant etc., mainly producing wild tea oil, fine vegetable oil and salad oil. We welcome investors from home and abroad to come here for joint developments.


Mineral Development

Taoyuan is abundant in nonmetallic resources, with limestone having reserves 200 million tons, clay 20200 thousand ㎡, bone coal 14.25 hundred million tons and bentonite 500 thousand tons; marble resources are especially rich, with reserves of 1620 thousand . Furthermore, it has various colors, there are jet, emerald, sapphire etc, all having great values for development.

The county has formed backbone enterprises with aluminium, building materials, food, textiles, machinery, bamboo products and livestock husbandry playing the main roles. The listed and group companies such as Chuangyuan Aluminium, Liuli Cement, Jiexin Textiles, Golden Fruits, Xianglu Wanfu, Hongci Animal Husbandry and Yueyu Bamboo Industry have become the leading enterprises within the county. With the foreign enterprises “Hunan Chuanyuan Aluminium Co. Ltd” having settled in Taoyuan, Chuanyuan Aluminium will become an industrial “aircraft carrier” of Taoyuan County.Taoyuan has large reserves of limestone, bone coal, marble, bentonite, barite, diamond and gold etc.

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