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Aluminium serial development in Chuangyuan Industrial Park 

Chuangyuan Industrial Park, located in Pantang Township of the county, close to Taoyuan Railway Station along Shi-Chang railway line and Chang-Zhang Expressway, enjoys very convenient transport facilities and services. During the period of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, Changde municipal government will give priority to Chuangyuan Industrial Park. To its planning and construction and to guiding foreign investors to enter the park. The administration of the industrial park is planned to utilize 3000 mu of land.

In 2001, the first large-scale sino-foreign joint venture, Hunan Chuangyuan Aluminium Co. Ltd settled in the park, currently having utilized 123 hectares of land. In 2004 Chuangyuan Aluminium became one of the 24 large scale electrolytic aluminium enterprises, which has been approved by the State Council and encouraged to become bigger and stronger, having obtained aluminium oxide import license which was issued by the State Ministry of Commerce and having been approved to be one of the 21 electrolytic aluminium enterprises which have met the requirements for environment protection. In 2005 Chuangyuan Aluminium became the first batch of member units of Aluminium Industry Group of China. The company’s two products, AL99.70A and AL99.85 have been ISO certified. So far, Chuangyuan Aluminium has finished building 210 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminium, 160 thousand tons of anodes, and has begun to build 250 thousand tons of aluminium plates and a 600 thousand kw thermal power plant for its own use. During the period of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, Chuangyuan Industrial Park will be bound to enter stages of fast development; it will become the key production base of electrolytic aluminium in the country, and also the ideal destination for foreign investment. We will offer production land with necessary production elements and whole life services for investors who settle here, at a cheaper rate than the equivalent coastal areas.

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