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Huayanxi National Forest Park

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Project description:

Location: Huayanxi Tourist Resort is a 3A-Class national tourist resort and a natural reserve at provincial level, serving encampment of outdoor activities for the youth. It is located 55 km southward from Changde City, 30 km away from Changde Taohuayuan Airport and 60 km from Changde Railway Station.

Characteristics: the 45 km²-resort is composed of such five scenic areas as the central area, Wuxi Lake, Longfeng Lake, Mount Xianchi and Mount Qifeng. The resort possesses abundant plant and animal resources, including 1089 rare plants and 326 rare animals under state protection. During March to October every year, hundreds of thousands of aigrettes inhabit here, hence the name of “China land of aigrette”, which attracts numbers of tourists to come for sightseeing and holiday.  

Project planning:

1. orientation: countryside tourist resort for recreation and holiday spending

2. content: development and construction of Wuxi Lake Water Amusement Center; tourist road around the Longfeng Lake and its supporting infrastructure construction; farming culture gallery based on traditional folk houses and pastoral scene; Majiaxi Outward Bound Base construction.

3. investment: total investment of 50 million yuan


Project development unit: management office of the Huayanxi National Forest Part

Tel: 0736-7490018  13875081928


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