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Taoyuan Yiwangxi Tourism Project

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Project description:

1. orientation: starting from the yexi stream outlet and connecting with Shuixinzhai, Yiwangxi, Banboo Garden, to build a network scenic area integrating green & ecological tourism as well as recreation and holiday spending services.

2. construction content: scenic spots of Yiwangxi, Shuixinzhai, Zhonggu Mountain, Moon Cliff, Elephant Mountain, and the yacht quay, and Baiye Whitewater rafting spot in the Bamboo Garden and its supporting facilities. 

The total planning area of the project is 40.79 square kilometers, among which forest area amounts to 33.86 square kilometers.

3. investment: totally 180 million yuan for the infrastructure construction and basic service facilities construction in the scenic area. Rolling development will be adopted.


Project development unit: Xinglongjie Township Government

Tel: 13875174633

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