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Reshi Hot Spring Tourism Resort Project

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Project inscription:

There are five hot springs in Reshi Town, Taoyuan County, with the water temperature maintaining about 47 and having a flow of 0.5 m³/second. The high-quality spring water contains abundant microelements including bromine, iodine, radium, etc. and accords with the GB8537-87 standard for drinking natural mineral water in accordance with the inspection report by the National Geology Department and the Bureau of Geological Environment.

Another item of the projects is the exploitation of Xingde Mountain as the cultural relics under provincial-level protection with magnificent natural scenery and profound historical and cultural details. The main peak of the Xingde Mountain is 843.5 meters high with distinct geological structure of Danxi landform. Taoism is the theme of the human landscape. Xingde Mountain possesses 72 natural scenic spots providing good place for mountain climbing, searching ancient scenery and studying Taoism. 

Project plan:

1. orientation: based on the magnificent natural scenery and distinct hot springs, the human landscape of ancient  Xingzi Taoist Temple and hot spring and other recreation services, to construct an ecological tourism resort for high quality entertainment and provide the tourists with sightseeing, recreation, holiday spending, recuperation and nature-experiencing.

2. construction content: Hot Spring Recreation Area and Xingde Mountain Tourism Resort (12 km away from each other)

3. investment: 120 million yuan for the construction of hot spring recreating center, hot spring bath center, and the supporting facilities of the holiday villa.


Project development unit: Reshi Town Government, Taoyuan county

Tel: 0736-6655310  13707423453

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