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Chang-Zhang (Changsha-Zhangjiajie) and Chang-Ji (Changde-Jishou) Expressways, National Highway 319, Provincial Highways S226, S306 run through the county.


Shi-Chang (Shimen-Changsha) passes through the county with a railway station having been built locally, east to join Jin-Guang Line, west to connect with Zhi-Liu Line.

Waterways transportation

There is a 99km long water passage along the Yuan River, upstream to Guizhou, downstream to enter Donting Lake and ports along Yangtze River.

Air transportation

Taohuayuan Airport, which is 15km from the county town, can operate Boeing 737 and 757 and has routes to Beijing, Shanghai and Haikou. Plans are afoot to open flights to Chongqing and Wenzhou.

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