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City Planning

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Development strategy

1.       to adjust the industrial structure in stabilizing the primary industry, stressing the secondary industry and promoting the tertiary industry.

(1). To accelerate the industrialization of agriculture, with industrialization as the core, increasing farmers income as the target, and industrial structure adjustment as breakthrough; to promote the development of modern agriculture, ecological agriculture, tourist agriculture and characteristic agriculture, so as to consolidate the fundamental functions of agriculture.

(2). To accelerate food processing industry, develop textile and building material industry, and promote such new industries as metallurgy, machinery and electronic industry; to enhance nongovernmental economy and boost industrialization progression.

(3). To develop trade and commercial services and productive service industry with the tourism industry as leading, and accelerate the development of the tertiary industry.

2.    to invigorate the county through science and technology

To comprehensively enhance the educational level of citizens with sound mechanism of fostering, introducing and using talented personnel; to boost high and new technological industry to reconstruct the traditional industries with modern technology; to strengthen investment and reform to build up enterprise-oriented technological upgrading mechanism and enhance technological innovation ability, so as to accelerate the transformation of the sci-tech achievements into practical productivity. 

3.       to implement urbanization strategy

to develop small towns with the county town as the center and the central town as the key; to further guide industries and citizens to orient to the county town, so as to set up cities and construct the county town into a medium-sized modern city.

4.       to implement the sustainable development strategy

to strengthen the implementation of the strategy for sustainable development complying with the principle of synchronous development of population, resources, and ecological environment with economic and social development, so as to lay a consolidated foundation for the sustainable development of economy and society.

5.       to implement the opening-up strategy

to promote opening-up and development through tourism, with the construction of Taohuayuan scenic area as the foundation and the Taohua (Peach blossom ) Festival as the window; to improve investment environment and intensify investment promotion, so as to introduce foreign techniques, funds and management measures and develop export-oriented economy.


Overall city planning

City orientation

To stress the southward development along the Yuanjiang River, so as to integrate the city with the Taohuayuan scenic area as a whole; to build new south district and reasonably carry out northward leap-forward development with the east of the city proper under control.

Overall layout

--- One city, one area, and one belt layout plan:

One city: city proper, as a comprehensive tourism base with complete supporting facilities for tourism services and improved reception capacity and service standard;

One area: Taohuayuan scenic area, integrating traveling, residence, shopping and recreation as a whole, with sightseeing as the main function and reception services gradually extended to the whole city proper;

One belt: Yuanjiang River Scenic Belt, integrated with the city proper and the Taohuayuan scenic area.  

Layout of the city proper

--- “One city proper, two districts” plan:

One city proper: concentrated urban construction district based on the old city proper. It is expected to become the main part of the county.

Two stretches: one is the urban construction district at the east of Yuanjiang River, the other is the new urban construction district at the north of the Yanxikou ecological isolation belt.

Structure of the city proper

--- “One circle, two belts, three axes, four areas”

One circle: round-the-city highway circle composed of Taohua Avenue (1848 provincial road), the first and second Yuanjiang Bridge, the 319 national highway;

Two belts: Yuanjiang River scenic belt and Yanxikou rural scenic belt;

Three axes: humane landscape axis (Tianyuan Road – Zhangjiang Road – Yuanjiang Road), transportation landscape axis (Taohua Avenue), riverside cultural green landscape axis;

Four areas: four absolute function areas, i.e. old city proper, north area, south area and east area.   

Functions of the city proper

Old city proper: commercial, cultural and residential center of the county. Adjustment and reconstruction will be made to reserve some A-class industrial land for the balance of population and employment;

North area: at the north of the old city proper, focuses on food, textile, machinery and tourist commodity industries to become a regional base of logistics, commerce and trade; residential, public installations and afforestation land are to be arranged to form an urban area with complete functions;

South area: at the south of Daqiao Road in the old city proper, as the new political, cultural, tourist center of the county with the functions of administration, culture, tourist reception services and residence as the core;

East area: makes proper development oriented to the functions of industry, logistics and storage, acts as the land for the future development of chemistry, building materials, etc. 

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